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About Casey Sue

Casey Sue Douglass was born and raised in Eureka, California among the beautiful redwoods and some of the finest outdoor landscapes California has to offer. A sewing class in High School fueled the genesis of an interest in clothing design, along with the psychological factors that make an individual wearer feel good about themselves. After the class, she experimented with reconstruction from garments purchased at thrift stores until her diligence and passion for clothing allowed her to begin designing on her own, about four years ago.

Since then, she has completed her Associates Degree in Art for Fashion Design from American River College and is continually motivated to succeed and soak-up all that life has to offer. During her studies at American River College, she was inspired by great professors and learning experiences like being the Vice President of the ARC Fashion club and traveling to Italy and New York with her classmates for fashion related tours. Casey Sue is honored to have been able to participate in several fashion shows including two Sacramento Fashion Week events and she was chosen to display her designing abilities through an illustrated picture of what would Maria Shiver possibly wear to the Governors ball.

Now, Casey Sue's long-term goals include achieving a BA at California State University of Sacramento, following which shed like to expand her education further in none other than the Big Apple. Focusing on her studies and educating herself more on every aspect of fashion each day, Casey Sues designs are full of life and independent of mainstream norms. Her designs are intended for girls who challenge limitations and who step out of the boundaries of the comfortable to create their own style and make their own statement.

For Mantra and Spring 2008, Casey Sue blends fabrics and prints that remind her of her roots in Humboldt County with colors of the retro eighties in a sleek and shapely design that portray the confidence and femininity that she admires in classic beauties like Coco Chanel and Jackie O; all these come together in her new line, Swank Hipster.

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